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Mother of the Bride Speech

Most everyone feels emotional at a wedding, and perhaps none more so than the bride’s mother. And maybe you can’t imagine giving a speech to so many of your friends and family members on such a poignant day. Just remind yourself, however, that your remarks will be warmly received, and that by expressing your heartfelt thoughts on such an important occasion, you’ll help send your daughter and her husband off on their new life together on the right note.

When you’re writing this speech, it’s probably a good idea to stick to the tried-and-true formula that these speeches tend to follow. This means you should begin your mother of the bride speech with a round of thanks. You can thank the emcee, thank all the guests who showed up and thank the groom’s parents for their love and support. (It’s best to start off on the right foot with the in-laws).

You can also comment on how lovely the wedding was and how good everyone looks. And you can express your delight at welcoming the groom into your family. Then it’s time for the main part of the speech, the part where you as a mother reflect on the joy your daughter has brought to you. A good way to do so is to share some favorite memories of raising your daughter—keep your reminiscing brief, however—and then you can describe the beautiful, intelligent and caring woman that she has grown into. Don’t feel bad if you get a little choked up at this point, either; it would be hard not to. Finally, you can end your speech with some wisdom, either in the form of a quote or two, or perhaps by offering a specific piece of advice you wish you’d followed when you first got married.

At the end of your mother of the bride speech, wish the bride and groom all the health and happiness in the world, and then, before you leave the podium, take a good look around and soak in the love and appreciation all around you.

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